How to do a Sales Page Copywriting

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How to fill your workbook

USP –  Make Unique selling proposition

What Pain I am solving: Sales Page Module: How people will solve this pain

Pain Solution: Consumption of a Higher Budget We will consume lowest budget to bring maximum convertible leads and sales

– Don’t ignore & Get Clear on:

— Who u r speaking to: Different niche: IT managed Services Owners 


why they should purchase from you

What is the point of this 

it make writing process so easier,

The one thing that makes your product than your competition

A speaking benefit that makes you uniquely different and stand out.The BIG PROMISE  

I wanna sell Google Ads Services

  I am picking a brand and services — Mainly an offer

I will write a sales page that service I am selling under the brand of ESVation (It is a services) – I am planning to launc a service

I am picking a Google Ads Management Service that I am offering and planning to launch through Google Ads.

My sales page will might not have a traditional BUY NOW button, but the same principles will apply

Sign up for one session

Sign up for consultancy

Buy now for product

For copywriters: another product in niche like beauty niche

pick a product you really some for write

pick something exciting

pick something that solve a real problem

Google Ads Management Services offers Low Budget, High and Potential Leads Higher ROI & ROAS, & CLV

Product that solves a real problem – personally use – Feel easy to write

search online marketplace: udemy, shopify, skillshare, clickbank

Check who is doing that service: Facebook ad library

keywords everywhere, google trends, answerthepublic

Will pick room as a product: Booking the rooms as a product, what hotels are doing, dulix seaview room with bux – 20% off


b2c: solving other people problem

Meditation Headset – Muse S

8-Week Copywriter Coaching Program – The Copy Posse Launch Pad

Answer these 5 Questions: Who, What

WHO is your ideal customer avatar?

Demographics, Goals and Challenges