What are the top 3 SEO strategies?

Here are Top Three SEO Strategies:

  1. ON Page SEO
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Off-Page SEO
1. ON Page SEO:
This strategy involves all on page tactics like:
Page Content
Alt Content
Web-Page Name
Page Content Uniquenes
Image relevant to the content
Meta Description
Web Page Title
Ahref lang
2- Technical SEO:
This strategy involves and covers technical aspects of a website those really impact on search engine crawling and indexing factors and somehow relates to coding factors as well, like:

Core Web Vitals/Website Speed:
Google search console report core web vitals displays performance data for URLs.
      3 Aspects of Core web vital report:
       Needs Improvement
    4 Metric Types of Core Web Vitals:
  1. CLS  (Cumulative Layout Shift)
  2. FID (first input delay)
  3. INP (interaction to next paint)
  4. LCP (largest contentful paint)
3rd SEO Strategy – Off-Page SEO:
This s tartey fully depend on off-site work for example:

link building
publishers relations
social internations and relations
mentions and blogging
social media
and lots more

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